i am asked all the time what is becoming... i figured i would answer here.

becoming is an idea. becoming is an event. becoming is hope, optimism and community

the idea of becoming came to Meghan and I while chatting about wanting to be better. we wanted to be able to do our best for our friends (some people call these people clients). we wanted to put our whole selves into something that would make a lasting effect on these ladies lives. we wanted more than pretty pictures and a break. 

the event was something that we decided to do so that we could pour ourselves and our community into the participants. we knew that we couldn't do this every day or every month, we needed to be able to keep the energy high and so we planned the event around summer solstice. the day that had the most daylight. most years we have done our event at my home on half moon lake, near sherwood park. this year i have moved the event to jasper, partly due to the absence of Meghan and partly due to the fact that i wanted the serenity of the mountains. 

the hope for each event and every one of the ladies coming or involved in any way is a positive experience that makes you feel good. where you come and feel accepted, cared for and spoiled. where you feel like you are valuable, beautiful and worthy all day and after. my personal hope is that you will look at your images and love the celebration of you. you will feel beautiful and celebrated. 

the optimistic environment surrounding our event is felt deep in my heart and we are very picky about the products and the places we use because we want you to feel it to. throughout the preparation, styling and the photoshoot we chat and really dive into our chats, joke and create a safe, intimate space to be yourself.

the community starts with you. we are happy to welcome every type of woman to our events. we have had moms come with babies, grandmas come with business partners, sister come to spend time together, best friends come to treat each other... and everything in between. you are our community and we love you. our vendors have always provided products matched with what we are trying to provide you: safe, fun, valuable and healthy products. i will be introducing this years products as the time goes on before the event.

does that answer what becoming is? no? yes? why don't you come see for yourself? we have opened up the spots and are having a giveaway right now. check it out and comment if you have any questions. 

search social media for these hashtags to find us: #becomingwithchels #becomingwithmegandchels #becomingtogether